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The expertise of a Video producer with the experience of a Social Media Content Creator.


Meet Brunna Sant'Anna, head and founder of B2NS MEDIA, Now known as Content and Media.

Brunna was born in Brazil but it's considered Dutch by heart. 

She is a content Creator with more than 6 years of experience on Youtube and Instagram.

Creative, curious and very passionate about communication,  She also works as a digital Influencer on her channels where she is recognised for sharing relevant information and  meaningful  stories for an audience that has already passed 5M views.

Working with local and international brands for about 4 years, Brunna is also a Certified video producer with focus on brand storytelling. Since 2022 she is also a certified digital marketer.

Brunna's youtube channel:

"My main mission is to help businesses to entertain and educate their audience generating sales without look like a tv commercial. With attractive visuals and engaging communication. Just how I do on my channels,  I want their owners to become the influencers of their own brands."

"Hiring Brunna to manage my Instagram business account and content was the best decision I ever made since I started. I worry about nothing. She is very creative and gets more than she promisses done."

Flávia Gomide

Emporio Brasil webshop

"Brunna has the sensibility to translate in images , the passion we have for what we do. And I'm not only talking about the quality of the videos but also about feeling. And she has it! She is talented but also hard working. I always feel proud when see my products being showed by her."

Alexandra Pelúcio

"Brunna cares two values rules that are very important to me : seriousness and professional posture. She is really good at what she does. We recorded two videos and launched an online course, and she took care of everything. Planning, direction, shooting, edition... and what I loved the most was the care she had with me and brand."

Flávia Ramos Costa

Compasso Social

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